Head shot of a dinosaur
“Brontobytes” – a new word in computing: There’s a new boy in town – and he’s BIG! In response to the global big data trend, new terminology is having to be created to describe the amount of data computers are capable of storing. So just how much data does a...
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The Best Computer

Cat looking at computer
What Is The Best Computer To Buy? Buying a new computer can be a costly expense;  whether you are looking at getting a traditional desktop, a laptop or a tablet you need to be sure that you are buying the best computer for your personal or business needs. There is...
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From Russia With Love

Russian dolls
More than a million computers have been targetted by major cyber crime organisation thought to have been led by Evgeniy Bogachev from Russia. ISP (Internet Service Providers) are busy setting about contacting those they suspect to have been affected – but that’s an awful lot of people they need to get...
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